$25 USD

Our standard Quiet Mountain Hiking Sock

  • Made of Merino Wool for natural moisture wicking
  • Compression Band around Mid-Foot instep
  • Footbed Cushioning
  • Crew Cut
  • One Size
  • Mid-Weight
  • Made in the USA
  • Packaging Artwork by Jesse Russell-Galbraith (@jeerg)
  • Most likely improves pourover technique when camping

Hiking Socks
The Quiet Mountain Hiking Socks are made up of mainly Merino Wool, a natural moisture wicking material that thermo regulates your feet. This is a key component when going on hikes, or any outdoor activity. The socks are Mid-Weight, so not super heavy duty, but also not super light, perfect for mid-season, but also comfy for just hanging out out home making coffee. The merino wool is sustainblity sourced via local farms, and the footbed cushion allows for your feet to get a little bit more comfort. Enjoy on a hike, or in your living room.