Set of 3 different types of decorative attachments.

  • 1 Nylon Keychain - 3-1/2” x 2-1/4” (89mm x 57mm)
  • 1 Metal Hard Enamel Pin - 1.25” wide
  • 2 Mini D-Ring Carabiners - 1.6” long
  • great attachements to accent your tote bag, hat, or backpack
  • the keychain is pretty big fyi
  • front and back engraved letters on key chain 

Attachment Set 
The attachment set is a three-piece set of some small decorative accessories. Made up of a Heavy Duty Nylon Keychain, a metal Hard Enamel Pin, and a couple of Mini Carabiners. Makes great accents to your Quiet Mountain tote bag, or really anything in general.